Legit Acting Reel


See some of the FILM and TELEVISIONS projects Angie has done. For more videos of her work click HERE

Voice Over Reel - Angie Bullaro
Voice Over Reel


Listen to some of Angie's previous VO work and demo samples.

Narration Sample - Angie Bullaro
Audiobook Narration Sample


Angie co-narrated "The Laugh and Learn Bible" with author Phil Vischer. 

"Bad Animal" Trailer


Angie had a supporting role in this feature film starring Chicago DIY music legend Mykele Deville. It's a love letter to the Chicago indie music scene featuring original songs by The Palmer Squares, Chris Crack, Pixel Grip, Malci, Pet Symmetry, and more.

"The Networker" Trailer


Angie had a supporting role in this feature film alongside William Forsythe, Sean Young, Stephen Baldwin, & Alysia Reiner.

Hosting Reel


Angie hosts the online webseries "Food Truck Foodie". Watch a montage of some of the best moments. 

Bank of America Commercial


In this Bank of America commercial Angie plays the "mom" and also recorded the Voice Over.

"Doris and Belinda" Webseries


Episode 3 of "Doris and Belinda". Angie had a supporting role in this webseries. For the entire series click HERE.

"Batter Up" Trailer


Angie was able to combine her love of softball and acting with a supporting role in this award-winning feature film.

Optimum Business Commercial


Angie plays a small business owner in this Optimum commercial.

"Between the Pipes" Teaser


Angie is starring in the upcoming feature film "Between the Pipes" based on the true story of the first woman to play in the National Hockey League.

"Purrrfect Intervention" Trailer


Angie has a co-lead role in this comedic short film about a cat-obsession gone very wrong. 

"Gut" Trailer


Angie had a supporting role as "Sally" in this award-winning feature film. 

Gold Bond Lotion Commercial


As a horse enthusiast, Angie was ecstatic to play a "rancher" in this Gold Bond commercial.

"A Karate Christmas Miracle" Trailer


Angie has a supporting role alongside Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts in this festive feature film. 

Carton Council Commercial


Angie plays a young mom in this commercial about recycling.